Wireless Advertising P5 Outdoor Park Street Light Pole LED Signboard


LEEMAN DISPLAY LED Pole Street Signage Billboard Specifications

1, High brightness, easy installation

2, Energy saving, Easy maintenance

3, Advanced dot adjusting

4, 3G/4G, WIFI control

Super brightness full color LED billboard advertising

Function and Technology characters:

1. Show all kinds of word,text,graph,pictures,flashes,video,2-dimension,3-dimension carton and any other formats with your PC does synchronously.

2. Different signal resources input are acceptable,such as TV,HCTV,S-video,NTSC/PAL,DVI,AVI,VGA,SDI,MOV,MPG,HD-SDI,ect.

3, Self-adjustment function

Automatically adjusts outdoor LED display brightness to suitable level through outdoor environment condition

4, It can be used in advertisement,stage,stadium,exhibition,TV-Show,mansion video wall,shopping mall,banks,schools,bus station,airport,gym,market,factories,monitoring certers,hospitals,bars etc.

Commercial advertising LED display screen.

Stadium perimeter LED display screen.

Mobile trailer LED display screen for mobile media.

Shopping mall LED display screen for logo showing.

Bank & stock exchange LED display screen for rates showing.

Train & bus station LED display screen.

Air port LED display screen.

Telecommunication LED display screen system for information showing and instruction.

Features for wifi/4G P3/P4/P5 series led display/billboard/panel/screen:

1. Innovative Design, Elegant appearance, with acrylic and Aluminum alloy material.

2. High brightness, anti-sunshine, Anti-dust and waterproof. Used for outdoor.

3. Easy installation, can be hanging , side mount and pretended installation.

4. Dynamic display, animation , pictures, etc.

5. Single and double sided display.

6. Synchronization and asynchronous control, also can be controled by Mobile phone.


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